January 27, 2017

Upcoming Events

Members should note that QART activities will soon be starting up for 2017. Here are our next two planned events.

On Wednesday, February 15th at 11:30 AM, there will be a St. Valentine's Luncheon at Restaurant Zante, 9030 de l'Acadie, Montreal. This restaurant is just north of the Metropolitain on the west side of l'Acadie boulevard across from the Best Buy store.

On Wednesday, March 15th at 11:30 AM, there will be our annual St. Patrick's Day luncheon. This luncheon will be at the Casa Greque restaurant, 10651 Pie-IX Boulevard, Montreal North.

More details about the menus and door prizes being planned for these events can be found in QART's December newsletter. Press this link to access this information.

If you want to go to either event, give your name to Annie Schaffhauser either by email to azuk1024@gmail.com or by phone to 514-374-1549. For St. Valentine's the deadline is February 8th; for St. Patrick's, March 8. Members and their guests are welcome, but places are limited. It is best to give in your names as early as possible.

National Health Care Strategy for Seniors

Last October 19th, upon the recommendation of ACER-CART (Canadian Association of Retired Teachers), QART endorsed the National Health Care Strategy for Seniors. QART's endorsement adds weight to CART's position and strengthens lobbying efforts on federal and provincial governments to prioritize health care for seniors. This is especially important at this time when talks between the federal and provincial governments establishing new financial rules for health care financing are taking place. The full text of this endorsement can be read here.

GTAR Report

Ed Zegray has sent QART his September 2016 GTAR (Groupe de Travail des Associations de Retraites) update regarding pension consultations with the government. If you wish to read it, press this link.

QART has an email address

Do you want to communicate with QART ? Perhaps you have a suggestion or a comment. You can reach QART or any member of the Executive Committee at just one email address, qart.mtl@outlook.com

Membership Dues

It's now that time when QART starts collecting the membership fees for the new year 2016-2017. Membership is the life blood of the association. We reall depend on your support, generosity, and promptness. I thank you in advance in making this membership drive a success.

There has been no change in the fee amount. The regular membership is $30; an honorary member who has 25 years of membership attained before July 2013 pays $0; an honorary member who has 25 years of membership attained after July 2013 pays $12; a member at large who just wishes to receive the newsletter but not participate in any QART meeting or activity pays $12.

Membership forms are available in the latest QART newsletter or on this website (just click on this link). Please mail your payment (cheque only) to

c/o Pat Griffin, Treasurer
413 Tremblay
LaSalle, QC
H8R 2W5

ACER-CART (Canadian Association of Retired Teachers)

I wish to thank Ed Zegray for the many years that he has represented QART on the ACER-CART directorship. I also wish to congratulate him on his recent appointment to the ACER-CART Executive. He is now an executive officer of ACER-CART as Regional Representative for Eastern Canada including Quebec and the Maritimes. Sadly this prevents Ed from representing us in particular

As President of QART, I will, by default, be QART's new representative at ACER-CART until such time as the QART Executive Committee names a new ACER-CART representative.

Ed will continue to represent us at the provincial level on the GTAR (Le Groupe de travail des associations de retraites).